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India: Exemption pertaining to parameters of LAN Switch under MTCTE
September 1, 2022

In July, TEC announced a generic exemption for the test requirements related to ER of LAN switch products. The exemption will be placed until 01/24/23 or until further notice from the regulator. Test requirements exempted: […]

INDIA: Temporary Exempted Products from MTCTE Scope
March 25, 2022

On March 22nd, MTCTE published five products that are temporarily exempted from the scope. These are the products exempted: -Mobile User Equipment/Mobile Handset (Mobile Phone). -Server. -SmartWatch. -Smart Camara. -PoS Machine (Point of Sale Devices). […]

INDIA: TEC Publish Important Amendment to MTCTE for Phase III and IV
February 4, 2022

On Jan 31st, 2022. TEC published the amendment to the MTCTE phases III and IV initially launched on September 2021. The following updates are effective immediately:  There is no change in date for mandatory certification […]

INDIA: Notification for Launch of MTCTE Phase III and Phase IV
September 23, 2021

Department of Telecommunication has released a list of products categorized under two phases (Phase III; Phase IV). Phase III holds 10 products and Phase IV holds 36 Products. Phase III Products: MTCTE will start accepting […]

INDIA: DoT Publishes Consultation for Communication Security Certification Scheme
October 16, 2020

India’s Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has published the consultation for the “Communication Security Certification Scheme” covered under TEC’s MTCTE. The consultation is open for comments, so we encourage our readers to send their thoughts to […]