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India: TEC: MTCTE new timeline for implementation of Essential Requirements for Phase III & IV products
December 27, 2023

In a recent modification to Notification no. 5-2/2021-TC/TEC/131 and no. 5-2/2021-TC/TEC/172, dated 23/06/2023 and 27/09/2023 respectively, key amendments have been introduced for the testing and certification of telecom and networking equipment under MTCTE Phase-III & Phase-IV. Here are the three crucial highlights to note:

1. Deadline Extension for 12 Products (ERs):

The mandatory certification date for 12 out of 44 products under MTCTE Phase-III and IV has been extended by three months.

Previous Deadline: 01.01.2024

New Deadline: 01.04.2024

Phase III products benefited by extension:

  1. Base Station for cellular network
  2. Repeater for Cellular Network
  3. Smart Electricity Meter

Phase IV products benefited by extension: 

  1. SIM
  2. HF Radio
  3. Mobile Radio Trunking System
  4. VHF UHF Radio System Equipment
  5. PTP PMP Microwave Fixed Radio System
  6. LAN SWitch
  7. Router
  8. IP Security Equipment
  9. Satellite Communication Equipment

2. Unchanged Certification Deadline for 32 Products (ERs):

The mandatory certification date for the remaining 32 products (ERs) remains unchanged.

Deadline: 01.01.2024

The list of these products is available in Annexure-II.

3. Extension of Acceptance for Test Reports from Non-Border Sharing Countries:

The last date for accepting test reports from labs accredited by International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (LAC) signatories, from non-border sharing countries, has been extended by three months for technical parameters only.

Previous Deadline: 31.12.2023

New Deadline: 31.03.2024

The 8 affected products (ERs) are detailed in Annexure-III.

Type Approval Impacted? Yes
Spectrum Impacted? No
Imports Impacted? No

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