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VIETNAM: National Technical Regulation – QCVN 130:2022/BTTTT

The current regulation on electrical safety in Vietnam was issued in 2010, such as QCVN 22:2010/BTTTT (built on the basis of reviewing and transforming bc industry-standard 68-190:2003 based on international standards at the time). At the same time, some TCVN also has safety requirements such as TCVN 7326-1:2003 and TCVN 6385:2009. However, these standards are all referenced from old international standards. 

Therefore, in May 2022, MIC published the new circular – QCVN 130:2022/BTTTT. It does specify the electrical safety requirements of interfaces designed and intended to connect to telecommunications networks and information technology. This Circular will take effect from January 1, 2024.

Type Approval impacted: No
Spectrum Impacted: No 
Imports Impacted: No
Standards Impacted: QCVN 130:2022/BTTTT
Product Impact: All electrical devices