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VIETNAM: National Technical Regulation on Electrical Safety Requirements for Telecommunication and Information Terminal Equipment
December 20, 2022

The Ministry of Information and Communications promulgated the draft National technical regulation on electrical safety requirements for telecommunication and information terminal equipment. This draft is being finalized after the legal auditing process within the ministry (it is expected to be issued in this December 2022 and will take effect on 1st January 2024):

  1. Expected standard code: QCVN 132:2022/BTTTT
  1. Scope:
  • Digital enhanced cordless telecommunications – DECT (HS code 85171100)
  • Desktop computer (HS code 84714110)
  • Set Top Box in digital cable TV network (HS code 85287111, 85287119, 85287191, 85287199) 
  • Set Top Box in IPTV network (HS code HS 85287111, 85287119, 85287191, 85287199)
  • Receiver with built-in DVB-T2 signal reception (iDTV) (HS code 85287292, 85287299)
  • Amplifier equipment in cable television distribution system (HS code 85176249)
  • Wireless telephone equipment (subscription extension type) (HS code 85171100)
  • Notebook (laptop PC, notebook PC) (HS code 84713020)
  • Tablet (tablet PC) (HS code 84713090)
  • Exemption: This standard does not specify the electrical safety requirements of interfaces designed and intended for connection to telecommunications and information technology networks.
  1. The Ministry of Information and Communications (temporarily) accepts the test results of accredited in-country and out-country test labs in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 according to the respective specifications in IEC 62368 -1:2018 to assess conformity with this regulation (QCVN 132:2022/BTTTT) until further guidance from MIC 
  2. It is almost certain that the MIC will include this QCVN (and related products and goods listed) on the List of goods subject to CoC, DoC (This list is reviewed, adjusted, and issued in July every year). In case MIC adds this standard to the new List of products subject to DoC and CoC (expected in July 2023), the importer/manufacturer still has 6 months to prepare for compliance, until then the manufacturer/importer needs to prepare the measurement results of an accredited testing laboratory in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 for CoC/DoC, before MIC/VNTA can make changes the regulations on valid measurement results

Type Approval Impacted? Devices covered by this standard will be CoC/DoC, in addition to the application of other relevant standards
Spectrum Impacted? No
Imports Impacted? 
Standards: QCVN 130:2022/BTTTT, QCVN 22:2021/BTTTT, QCVN 22:2010/BTTTT
Product Impacted? Specific telecommunication and information terminal equipment

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