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UNITED STATES: Amended Procedures on FCC Equipment Authorization Enter Into Force on February 6th
February 13, 2023

On February 6, 2023, the FCC started enforcing its Prohibition on the authorization of “covered” equipment. Implementing this prohibition was set forth in its “Report and Order, Order, and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FCC 22-84)”, initially published back in November 2022, which also revises key articles that involve the Equipment Authorization Program (FCC Certification).

According to the Report and Order, these are the highlights of this decision implementation:

  • Prohibit “covered” equipment from obtaining equipment authorization through either certification procedures or SDoC procedures.
  • It Requires all applicants for equipment certification to attest in their applications that the particular equipment for which they seek certification is not “covered” equipment
  • No longer exempts any “covered” equipment from the need for equipment authorization, and requires that any entity identified on the Covered List as producing “covered” equipment obtain an equipment certification;
  • Requires each applicant for equipment certification to designate a U.S. agent for services of process

Since the first publication in 2021 of the “List Of Communications Equipment And Services That Pose A Threat To National Security”, is making an effort to keep involved parties updated about new requirements and procedures in Equipment Authorization and National Security matters and this new update on Equipment Authorization Approval Guide contains guidance on specific procedures concerning the stipulated prohibition.

Type Approval Impacted? Local Representative now needed in the US Equipment types and brands banned
Spectrum Impacted? No
Imports Impacted? Specific brands and OEMs banned from the market
Standards: No
Product Impacted? ALL telecom devices under the scope of FCC certification, with an emphasis on video surveillance equipment

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