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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: TDRA Updates TELECOM Equipment’s Type Approval Mark
January 3, 2023

The authority TDRA issued a circular through email, on Jan 2nd, 2023, clarifying to all interested parties that the Type Approval Mark or TDRA Label now has a new version, containing only the TDRA logo, Type Approval Number, Country name, and QR Code.

This new version of the Type Approval Mark is already available through each applicant company via UAE pass login. The Mark is mandatory and must be placed in the product prior to being commercialized (but it can be placed by Manufacturer or Importer after the Import process). This Mark must be placed in the product box, and must be clear without the possibility of easy removal. TDRA also informs that this must be placed under display platforms in retail stores and online marketplaces (if your product is supposed to be sold to the end consumer).

TDRA also informs that the new version is supposed to be placed into all products approved after January 1st 2023, and it will be audited so please be mindful of the version update.

Type Approval Impacted? Label requirement
Spectrum Impacted? No
Imports Impacted? Increased audit and surveillance for labels
Standards: No
Product Impacted? All products in the Type Approval scope

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