• Entirety offers complete telecom and safety certification services for telecom and electronic devices needing mandatory certification in over 185 countries globally.

  • Local holders to administrate your certificate / Translation to and from any language / Advice for regulatory labels and markings.

  • In addition to our effective solutions for quick and cost-efficient type approval support as well as help you receive current technical standards, and understand local market conditions.

  • Preparation and submission of all approval applications and compliance files.

  • All translation and interpretation required to ease the application process.

Entirety provides in-depth, credible and precise research in a wide scope of compliance topics.
  • Markert research.

  • New technology and product launch.

  • Frequency spectrum allocations.

  • Applicable standards for specific technology.

  • Labeling and marking requirements.

  • Certification requirements for a specific country

Product Testing
  • We have strategic partnership with the most reliable labs in each coutry to ensure reliability and control through the testing process.

  • Our engineers take the opportunity to rationalize the test instructions provided to ensure they are suitable for non-native English speakers.

  • First in line technical support is provided. We can introduce your engineering team to our contacts at the test laboratory, so that you remain in full control of the testing process.

  • Constantly monitor progress and use our expertise to help eliminate any problems during testing.

Product Sample Management
  • Entirety provides full support for the delivery of units testing facilities.

  • Our Brokers, local importers and/or in-country agents will help when necessary to overcome any customs requirements.

  • Support and assistance to achieve a speedy customs clearance.

  • Advanced notice to our agents and contacts advising of the consignment tracking numbers.

  • Daily checks with courier service on the progress made and estimated delivery dates.