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Saudi Arabia: CST Publishes the Information Memorandum for the Specialized Radio Network License in the 450 MHz band
March 13, 2024

On March 4th, 2023, CST published on their website, the Memorandum for the Specialized Radio Network License in the 450 MHz frequency band, now allowing this band to be used for applications destined for smart appliances, IoT devices and automate operations, however with the detail that this band will require to acquire License of operation due to the fact this band is currently used for  Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Transportation, Tourism, Logistics and others government applications.

The memorandum, it is explaining all the criteria to be eligible to the License, and for the application itself on the 450 MHz band terms and conditions, as well as the license fees.

CST noted that the deadline for applications from eligible applicants will be on Thursday, May 9th 2024.

Type Approval Impacted? Yes
Spectrum Impacted? Yes
Imports Impacted? No

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