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MEXICO: New Import Law Concerning Harmonized Codes and its Influence on Type Approval

In July of 2020, Mexico’s Union General Congress has published a new General Taxes for Import/Export law called in Spanish as “LEY DE LOS MPUESTOS GENERALES DE IMPORTACIÓN Y DE EXPORTACIÓN”, also known as “LIGIE”, which the main objective was to adapt the Mexican Harmonized Codes on the Customs procedures. According to the SNICE (Servicio Nacional de Información de Comércio Exterior), this was intended to update Foreign Trade practices in Mexico and to make better statistics for Commercial Trade.

This new Law has been into force since January 4th, 2021, as it was mentioned in its publication in July last year. For Certificates expedited and registered in Mexico Customs system before December 28th, no changes are required, and the old Harmonized Code system can remain in the Certificate until its Validity date. For new Certificates for NOM, then the new Harmonized Code system must be applied immediately. Considering Telecom and Safety Approvals’ scenario, mainly the major changes to be alert are that, now instead of 8 digits as previous versions, there is an addition of two digits on the Mexican Harmonized Code, which they refer to as NICO (stands for “Números de Identificación
Comercial” in Spanish); this means that HS Codes in Mexico will now have a total of 10 digits. Another important instruction is to always confirm with your Broker/Import Agent, what is the applicable Harmonized Code for Mexico, because some corrections over the existing numbers were applied in some products’ cases, as your Broker/Import Agent can find out in the complete document at the Oficial Federal Diary of Mexico (DOF), from July 1st, 2020.

If you have any questions regarding your Certificates in Mexico, to be issued after January 04th, 2021, please don’t hesitate in asking for Entirety’s assistance.

January 11, 2021