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MEXICO: IFT Classifies 5925-6425 MHz Band Unlicensed in Spectrum Plan
February 17, 2023

IFT published on February 16th, 2023 a press release announcing the identification as free-use (unlicensed) spectrum of the 5925-6425 MHz segment of the 6 GHz Band. It will allow its use by the general public without requiring a license or authorization from the Institute.

The 500 MHz portion of the spectrum will make it possible to offer new services with the technology known as WIFi-6E in Mexico.

With the allocation of this segment, the amount of spectrum for the provision of Wi-Fi services in the country will practically double, adding to that of the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands that are already used by these systems.

With this classification, it will be possible to meet the short and medium-term demand for free spectrum for communications, especially with Wi-Fi technology as well as other technologies that occupy this type of spectrum.

It is essential to highlight that, within the operating conditions of this band as a free spectrum, its use was determined for indoor low-power systems and indoor and outdoor very low-power systems. In other words, the possibility of outdoor use is not included in the agreement adopted by the Plenary and it will be studied further by the Institute.

Type Approval Impacted? The Homologation Certification could be requested now through a “Dictamen Técnico” by Perito for WiFi 6 devices
Spectrum Impacted? It is early for an impact, immediately the Homologation could be requested but without testing and NOM implications, it will be allowed to commercialize WiFi 6 devices
Imports Impacted? 
Standards: No
Product Impacted? WIFi-6E devices

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