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MEXICO: Guidelines on Recent Changes in The Mexican HS Codes From The Ministry of Economy (TIGIE 2022)
December 21, 2022

Since Jul 14th, 2022, it was issued by the Ministry of Economy and Agreement already starting a conversation about changes in Mexican HS Codes to be published later this same year, presenting the list of updates to some HS Codes (not all were considered for a change). 

Now, on Nov 18th, the Ministry of Economy has published an official guideline on how to handle NOM Certificates which were influenced by this update, important to highlight is the following:

  • To all NOM Certificates issued using previous HS Code and validated in the SAT system before Dec 2nd, 2022, it is not required to reprint/modify existing NOM Certificate
  • NOM Certificates using old references are valid until their expiration, after that, Renewals and Replace NOM Certificates must present the new HS Code reference from TIGIE 2022
  • All NOM Certificates validated after Dec 2nd should present the new HS Code reference from TIGIE 2022

We recommend you consult your Customs Agent or Import department to validate your existing Mex HS Code if it is now through the current reference called TIGIE 2022. This is because, in Mexico Type Approval Framework, Mexican HS Codes or Mexican Tariffs are directly linked to the use of your Certificate of Conformity. To know more about Mexico Type Approval, you may consult your Entirety point of contact.

Type Approval Impacted? No
Spectrum Impacted? No
Imports Impacted? New HS Code
Standards: No
Product Impacted? No

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