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Indonesia: SDPPI Published the Regulation Number 3 of 2024 related to the  Certification of Telecommunications Equipment

On March 7, 2024, SDPPI published the regulation  Number 3 of 2024. Some of the main intakes include:

It replaces the previous regulation, PERMENKOMINFO No. 16 Tahun 2018, which is no longer aligned with the latest developments and needs in the field.

Key points of the new regulation:

  1. Clarifies that the regulation applies to both Indonesian citizens and foreigners who manufacture, assemble, or import telecommunications equipment and/or devices for trade and/or use in Indonesia.
  2. Reinforces the requirement for all telecommunications equipment and/or devices to meet the Technical Standards before being traded and/or used in Indonesia.
  3. Specifies that compliance with the Technical Standards is demonstrated through testing, which must be conducted for each brand, type, and country of origin of the equipment and/or device.
  4. Outlines the process for applying for a certificate, including the required documents and fees.
  5. Defines the rights and obligations of the applicant and the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) during the certification process.
  6. Specifies the grounds for revoking a certificate.
  7. Establishes a mechanism for appealing against a decision to revoke a certificate.
  8. Determines the responsibilities of Kominfo in monitoring and enforcing compliance with the regulation.
  9. Defines the administrative sanctions that may be imposed for violations of the regulation.

This new regulation strengthens the enforcement of compliance with the Technical Standards, through the following measures:

  • Certificate Renewal Every 3 Years
  • Mandatory Triennial Certificate Renewal
  • Warning Labeling Requirement
  • Measures for Non-Compliance
  • Test Results for High-Risk Devices
  • Streamlined Certification for Low-Power Variants

The Ministerial Regulation shall come into force after 90 (ninety) calendar days from the publication date.

Type Approval Impacted? No
Spectrum Impacted? No
Imports Impacted? No

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