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INDIA: Stakeholder Consultation for Notifying New Safety, EMC/EMI, and Security Requirements for Products Subject to MeitY Compulsory Registration Order
December 20, 2022

MeitY will issue a Stakeholder Consultation for notifying some changes to the Order “Electronics and Information Technology (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2021 (CRO)”, Currently in Place.

Changes to be notified are:

  1. Safety requirements for Audio, Video, and ICT devices as per the standard IS/IEC 62368: Part 1: 2018
  2. Essential Requirements for EMI/EMC on products covered under CRO
  3. Security guideline for Mobile Phones as per the standard IS 17737 (part 3): 2021
  4. Separate product category for AR/VR/MR Devices as per the IS/IEC 62368: Part 1: 2018

Type Approval Impacted? Compulsory Registration under BIS for certain devices will need to comply now with new Safety and EMC/EMI standards
Spectrum Impacted? No
Imports Impacted? BIS is required for imports in India
Standards: New Safety, EMC/EMI and Security standards to be implemented:
-IS/IEC 62368: Part 1: 2018 replacing IS 13252(Part1):2010 and IS 616:2017
-IS 17737 (part 3): 2021
Product Impacted? Audio, Video, ICT, Mobile Phones, AV/VR/MR devices

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