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COLOMBIA: Opening of The 6GHz Band (5925-7125 MHz) for Unlicensed Usage in The Colombian Market
November 11, 2022

On November 11th, there was a public announcement done by the  DSA in which it mentioned their participation in a forum of the ICT leaders in Colombian industry. One of the topics to highlight in the forum is the opening of the 6GHz band (5925-7125 MHz)  for unlicensed usage in Colombia, which was informed by the Presidential Advisor for Digital Transformation, Saúl Kattan. 

This is a step forward for Colombia’s improvement in terms of democratization of Internet access, which will manifest in higher speeds, better connectivity in public places, and more low-cost internet access in remote areas. Additionally, this new frequency allocation will enable new virtual reality environments for the upcoming digital era. 

Although there is no official written press release by the MinTic or ANE at the moment, this is a response to the process done through the last two years with three public consultations taking place on this topic, the last one concluding in July of this year.

Type Approval Impacted? No
Spectrum Impacted? 6GHz band (5925-7125 MHz)
Allocation: No
Imports Impacted? No
Standards: Network infrastructure devices, Data Networking Equipment, Cellphones, Terminal Equipment, Multimedia Equipment, Video and Audio conferencing equipment, Consumer Electronics

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