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CHINA: Regulations on The Administration of Radio Transmission Equipment
February 10, 2023

January 18th of 2023, MIIT issued the latest (Regulations on the Administration of Radio Transmission Equipment) with 32 articles. Please be aware that this new regulation will come into force on July 1st, 2023.

To summarize the main changes, please find the following 4 points. 

1. The validity period of each renewal of the SRRC certificate shall not exceed 5 years.

2. The SRRC Authority will issue the ID coding rules (to be shared later). Please note that the product cannot be sold or used in China until the SRRC certificate is obtained.

3. The special identification of the micro-power short-range radio transmission equipment shall be marked in the micro-power short-range radio transmission equipment and the instructions for use it (the marking method and style of the special identification shall be formulated separately and shared later).

4. The instructions for the use of micro-power short-range radio transmission equipment shall indicate that “使用微功率短距离无线电发射设备应当符合国家无线电管理有关规定”(English translation: “the use of micro-power short-range radio transmission equipment shall comply with the relevant provisions of the national radio administration”).

Type Approval Impacted? Process the product cannot be sold or used in China until the SRRC certificate is obtained
Spectrum Impacted? No
Imports Impacted? No
Standards: No
Product Impacted? All radio product that requires SRRC

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