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CANADA: Reminder About The New Revisions In The SAR Regulation- RSS-102
April 24, 2015

This is a reminder that all devices currently certified that are manufactured, imported, or sold in Canada, have a deadline of 180 days to be in compliance with the revised Radio Standards Specification 102, Radio Frequency (RF) Exposure Compliance of Radio Communication Apparatus (All Frequency Bands), which set out the requirements and measurement techniques used to evaluate RF exposure compliance of radio communication apparatuses designed to be used within the vicinity of the human body. RSS-102, Issue 5, is in force immediately for the purposes of certifying new equipment. The deadline of 180 days are  counted from the issuance of the revised standard, no matter when they were originally certified.  Some requirements will not be in force immediately as outlined in Notice 2015-DRS001 available at

The SAR measurement method for body-worn devices and for the devices containing Multiple Transmitters has been revised.  Some exemption limits have changed for SAR evaluation and RF exposure. Also, some clarifications have been made for some devices with push-to-talk capability: on the test distance for certain types of devices, for equipment with a very low transmission duty factor, and on the test channel to first be tested in a SAR evaluation.

A clarification has been made related to the standard(s) and/or procedure(s) used for the evaluation; as well as an addition of the Industry Canada (IC) Certification Number and the name of the SAR/RF exposure testing laboratory.

A revision has been made to add the Product Marketing Name (PMN), Hardware Version Identification Number (HVIN), Firmware Version Identification Number (FVIN), Host Marketing Number (HMN) and IC Certification Number; and a clarification related to the submission.  Also, related to operating tolerance and the local SAR measurement, additional reporting requirements for test reduction and fast SAR methods were added.

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