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BRAZIL: Operational Procedure Comes Into Force January 31st for Conformity Assessment of Telecom Products

Starting on January 31 st, 2021, will be the entry in force of the following Operational Procedure for Conformity Assessment of Telecommunications Products by Certification:

Ato 4083/2020
– Evaluation of the factory management system for all products: the ISO certificate will be required for all products and all factories, regardless of the product classification and the number of factories.
– Sample selection and identification: All samples sent to the laboratory for testing will need to have the following minimum identification:
-model name
-manufacturer, and
-country of origin.

This is very important. ANATEL provided the orientation to all the laboratories to refuse samples that are not with this minimum identification. In case the product does not have this, it will be necessary that the customer add a label (no problem if the product is not commercialized with it, but for certification purposes, this will be required by ANATEL).

Ato 4082/2020
– Declaration signed by the Local Holder, stating its awareness of the fulfillment of obligations to observe consumer rights and guarantees provided for in Brazilian legislation It will be necessary a letter from the Local Rep. assuming the commitment with warranty and the technical assistance for the user. until then, the manufacturer declares that the applicant was responsible for these activities was enough. Now there is a need for the national applicant to declare the commitment.

January 5, 2021