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Brazil: Office letter 463/2023 – Updates regarding Act 17089 – Safety requirements

ANATEL issued 2 office letters, 463/2023 and 466/2023 regarding additional information and instructions regarding Act 17087 from Dec 19th, 2022 that defined new requirements for safety evaluation for telecommunication devices.

Act 17087 had updated references and similar testing to the previous Act 950, but with an additional item of “marking and instructions” that will evaluate the information present in the device under certification and also the user manual information. 

The office letters clarify that the new act will come into force on Dec. 27th, 2023 and all the applications shall be under this new act. However, the Agency is allowing the laboratories that are accredited for the previous act to perform the safety tests under the new act for a year term until they get the formal accreditation for the new act, as the tests and procedures are very similar. The new item “Marking and Instruction” that does not have in the act 950 is being exempted from being presented for the new applications and renewals reports issued until March 27th, 2024.

The exemption of the reports shall not exempt the devices from having the mandatory marking and attending to the criteria of item 11 presented in Act 17087.

Type Approval – Market Access Requirements Impacted? Yes
Spectrum Impacted? No
Imports Impacted? No

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