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Brazil – ANATEL publishes ACT 13011 of Sep 1st 2023 to postpone changes in the Mobile Phone Charger’s Standard requirement
September 6, 2023

On May 31st 2019, ANATEL did publish an Act 3481, in which updates were done to the technical requirements for test procedures for Mobile Phone Chargers in the ANATEL Homologation process,mostly just standard updates with no changes in the tests execution..

Then, on April 8th 2022, it was published a new Act 5159 that would revoke Act 3481 and in this one, it was added some mechanical tests, which would be in force after 180 days from this original publication (meaning October 26, 2022). On September 21st 2022, ANATEL did publish another Act 13423, to postpone once again the date to have these changes into force, this time for October 20th, 2023. 

Now, with the new Act 13011, published on September 1st 2023, it is postponing once again the date to be in force these changes, now to 720 days from the publication of Act 5159, which will now result in the new date to enter into force, currently for April 14 2024.

With this, we recommend being attentive to this date, in order to be ready for the testing standard changes.

Type Approval Impacted? Yes
Spectrum Impacted? No
Imports Impacted? No
Standards: Yes
Product Impacted? Mobile phones and chargers

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