Regulatory Updates


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COSTA RICA: Addition and Changes to Cellular Testing
February 21, 2014

Costa Rica regulator SUTEL published RCS-332-2013 “Process for Homologation of Mobile Terminals and Perito requirements to Test the Functionality of Telecom Equipments¨ (Dec 23, 2013). On this document, it added field testing for cellular products […]

ECUADOR: Modular Approvals No Longer Accepted
February 21, 2014

SUPERTEL has informed that modular certification is no longer a valid option for system level products. All final systems like computers and printers must be certified as final product complying will all the requirements. If […]

MEXICO: New NOM is Now Implemented ( NOM 192)
February 12, 2014

NOM 192: Enforcement for this NOM already started. Digital TVs and set-up boxes required to comply with in-country digital signaling requirements (HDVT and SDTV). Local bodies (e.g. NYCE) had been authorized to provided verifications that […]

ECUADOR: Draft Technical Regulation of the Ecuadorian Standardization Institute (PRTE INEN) No. 167: “Low-voltage power supplies”
February 11, 2014

Products covered: Low-voltage power supplies (HS 8504.40.90) The notified Technical Regulation applies to domestically produced or imported low-voltage power supplies which convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) or vice versa and which are […]

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Homologation Submission is Required Even if the Product Has an FCC ID
February 7, 2014

INDOTEL provided guidelines requiring to receive homologation applications for all products including those with FCC ID. Samples are required for products without FCC ID and INDOTEL reserves the right to request also samples for products […]

RWANDA: Ministerial Instruction No. 21/2013 of 03/07/2013 Declaring Compulsory Rwandan Standards
February 4, 2014

Products covered: Plugs, socket-outlets, couplers   Compulsory Rwandan Standards (RS) concerning plugs, socket-outlets, couplers. Electrical Engineering: Plugs, Socket outlets for house hold and similar purposes fused plugs, socket outlets for appliances, switched socket outlets without […]

ECUADOR: Draft Technical Regulation of the Ecuadorian Standardization Institute (PRTE INEN) No. 155: “Headphones and earphones”
January 17, 2014

Products covered: Headphones and earphones (HS 8518.30)   The notified Technical Regulation establishes the product, safety and labeling requirements to be met by headphones and earphones, with a view to protecting human health and preventing practices likely […]

PHILIPINES: Modular Approvals No Longer Accepted
January 15, 2014

NTC informed that modular certification is no longer a valid option for system level products starting in January 2014. The certifications are necessary by model and brand.    

GCC COUNTRIES: Proposal for a Gulf technical regulation for low voltage electrical equipment (between 50 and 1000 volts for alternating current and between 75 and 1500 volts for dc (41 pages, in Arabic).
January 15, 2014

The proposed technical regulation is concerned with the essential safety requirements of low voltage electrical equipment, electromagnetic compatibility requirements, obligations of “economic operators” and “conformity assessment procedures in order to promote and sell electrical products […]