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AUSTRALIA: ACMA Publish Public Consultation to Propose Amendment for Short Range Device Standards

The ACMA is proposing to amend the Radiocommunications (Short Range Devices) Standard 2014 (SRD Standard). This is to reference the latest industry-standard and allow the use of international test methods.

The proposed amendments will:
-Update the reference to the Australian/New Zealand Industry Standard ‘AS/NZS 4268:2012 Radio equipment and systems – Short-range devices – Limits, and methods of measurement’. The minimum performance requirements and methods of measurement for short-range devices (AS/NZS 4268) will now refer to the latest edition (2017).
-Allow the use of international test method standards as alternatives to AS/NZS 4268.

Short-range devices and low-interference potential devices include garage door openers, baby monitors, wireless alarms, and keyless vehicle entry systems.

This consultation closes on December 18th, 2020.

November 6, 2020