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ARGENTINA: Ministry of Economic and Public Finance Released The Resolution SC #508/2015 For Low-Voltage Electrical Appliances



The Argentinian Ministry of Economy and Public Finance decided to replace the resolution #92/1998, which established the frame of the mandatory security requirements for low-voltage electrical products in the country. The decision to replace the resolution with the new resolution SC # 508/2015 was motivated by the need to reorganize the legislation in order to permit all the interested parties to understand the legislation better. It is also important to adapt the legislation with the current market conditions. The electrical equipment covered by this new resolution includes all the electrical appliances with a nominal tension over 50 Volts and up to 1000 Volts in alternative current or 1500 Volts in direct current.

All the products that require temporary and permanent connection to an external energy source, have to show on a label, all the electric characteristics of the compatible energy sources and the warnings of using different sources. Products that require an external source and are not commercialized with it, have to show a label saying, “NO CONTIENE FUENTE DE ALIMENTACION PARA SU USO”. All the external sources have to accomplish the parameters of this resolution. In Argentina there can only be commercialized, low voltage equipments for residential use, designed to operate between 50V-250V that admit direct connection to the low electrical distribution network, without external transformation units.

Equipment for technical and professional use only, must be located in rooms where only authorized personnel may enter. It also has to include a label saying, “PRODUCTO NO CERTIFICADO EN SEGURIDAD ELECTRICA EN LA REPUBLICA DE ARGENTINA. Apto para ser operado exclusivamente por personal con conocimientos en materia eléctrica. No instalar al alcance del publico en general. No utilizar en procesos de enseñanza. No utilizar en comercios con atención al publico”. To clarify doubts about the applicability of this new resolution,  the customs agent could check the product requirements in the MARIA system. The resolution SC #508/2015 has entered into force since November 21, 2015.

November 30, 2015