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ARGENTINA: ENACOM Publish New Test Protocol for Broadband and Frequency Hopping

On October 28th ENACOM published the official note O-2020-73167532-APN-SNYE#ENACOM which seeks to update the testing protocols for frequency hopping and Digital Broadband Systems.

Some important items are as follow:
-New Testing Protocol for Frequency Hopping Systems V20.1: For devices featuring setting different transmission bandwidths, minimum and maximum configurable bandwidths must be now verified.
-New Testing Protocol for Broadband Digital Modulation Systems V20.1: A new limit for Unwanted emissions has been set to 30dBc. So far, ENCOM is still working on a definitive Technical Standard for these protocols where the test methods are detailed. It is foreseen by ENCOM that the laboratories will have immediate accreditation, so it is expected to get a notification on the website about the updated standards.

Testing Protocols will become effective and ready to be implemented by local labs from December 1st, 2020.

This regulation does not impact imports, label, or the user manual.

November 10, 2020