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ALGERIA: ARPCE Publishes Procedure Update for Approval of Terminal Equipment and Radio Installations

On October 16 of 2019, the Algerian Authority of Regulation of Electronic Communications (ARPCE) has published an update for the procedure of approval of terminal equipment and radio installations intended to be connected to a public electronic communications network.

This update includes:
-A change in the validity of any certificate from 2 years to 3 years now.
-There have also been changes in the deadline for treatment for applications to 2 months maximum.
-Also, the applications must be submitted in both paper and digital forms.
-The test reports must be dated less than 3 years, in case the reports are not that recent, then the manufacturer must emit a declaration stating that the devices are still being manufactured in compliance with the previous test report’s standards.
-RED – Type Examination Certificate is required
-One radiated sample (as usual, with a label on it must be submitted for any application, including 2G/3G/GSM
instead of three samples as before for 2G/3G/GSM cellular).

November 4, 2019