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Canada: Consultation on Frequency Bands above 960 MHz

On Aug. 16th, 2022, The Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada opened a consultation on SRSP-300-GEN- issue 1 – “General Technical Requirements for Fixed Point-to-Point Radio Systems Operating in Frequency Bands above 960 […]

France: Public consultation on the use of radio spectrum in the frequency bands 5150-5250 MHz, 5250-5350 MHz and 5470-5725 MHz for the implementation of wireless access systems, including radio local area networks
August 30, 2022

In July, ARCEP opened the public consultation that aims to implement the decision (EU) 2022/179 in France. This revised regulatory framework for WAS/RLAN establishes harmonized technical conditions for several use cases that includes but is […]

MALAYSIA: Updates on Certification of IPV6 Over Cellular Equipment Without Wi-FI Connectivity
August 24, 2022

In July 2022, SIRIM was Informed that the implementation of the interim Type Approval for IPv6 cellular equipment without WiFi interface is extended for another year, effective from 10th July 2022, until further notice. As […]

SINGAPORE: Technical Specifications and Security Requirements to Guard Against Network Storms for Cellular Devices
August 24, 2022

The IMDA published the new technical specifications and requirements for cellular devices. This specification defines the minimum technical security requirements for the design and management of Devices implemented on cellular networks to better safeguard communication […]

CONGO: PTNTIC issues Ministerial Decree No. 034/2022
August 22, 2022

On July 11th, 2022, Posts, Telecommunications, and New Information and Communication Technologies (PTNTIC) issued Ministerial Decree No. 034 of 2022 which contains the following major changes on approvals for Congo Kinshasa:  The approval will be […]

BAHRAIN: TRA Announces Radio Spectrum for Wi-Fi 6E
August 22, 2022

On Aug. 17th, 2022, The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain (TRA) announces that Internet users in the Kingdom will soon be able to benefit from faster and more efficient Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6e technologies, […]

ZAMBIA: Revision of The 5G Spectrum Roadmap
August 17, 2022

On August 4th, the ZICTA published the notice regarding 5G in which  the Authority has revised the Roadmap for the release of high demand spectrum as follows:  a) Spectrum in the 700 MHz band (703-733 […]

THAILAND:NBTC – Public Hearing for WiFi 6E and WiFi 7
August 17, 2022

The regulator of Thailand – the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has prepared (draft) two new NBTC announcements related to Spectrum Licensing Criteria 5.925 – 6.425 GHz in a General License and related technical […]