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Staying up-to-date with compliance has never been easier with our worldwide regulatory updates. Track by countries, months, quarters, and wireless or ITE impact.

PAKISTAN: PTA Regulation Updated List of Exempted Devices

Pakistan’s PTA has released a draft with an update to the Type Approval Regulation. The main updates include a modification to the list of exempted devices, please be aware that all tablets/devices and wearables that […]

February 28, 2021
MOLDOVA: New Technical Regulation (TR) for Radio Devices (Radio TR)

Per Article 5. of this new Radio TR, previous radio regulation: Government Decision No. 1274/2007 on the approval of the Technical Regulation; Radio equipment and telecommunication terminal equipment and confirmation of their conformity (Official Gazette of […]

SOUTH KOREA: Regulation Changed to Unify All EMC/RF, EMC/RF/SAR Standards to KS C Standard Series

South Korea’s regulation has changed in order to unify all the EMC/RF EMC/RF/SAR standards to KS C standard series; this means that the certificates and reports that have already been issued will no suffer changes […]

February 24, 2021
MEXICO: New IFT Technical Disposition for SAR (DT-012) Enters into Force in February 26th (Reminder)

As previously issued by IFT, the new Technical Disposition for SAR requirements, or DT-012 as it is known, issued on February 26th of 2020, enters into force after one year, meaning now on February 26th […]

February 24, 2021
MEXICO: PEC Enters into Force February 25th (Reminder)

As previously issued by IFT, the new “PROCEDIMIENTO DE EVALUACIÓN DE LA CONFORMIDAD” or known as PEC issued on February 25th of 2020, enters into force after one year, meaning now on February 25th of […]

February 24, 2021
MEXICO: IFT Publish Public Consultation Calendar for 2021

On February 16th, IFT did publish on their website, the complete list of Public Consults for 2021. This is important to check, so we can have a clear view of the topics to be discussed […]

February 23, 2021
AZERBAIJAN: Updated the Procedures for Telecommunications and EMC Standards

EMC Certification Body accredited by AZAK According to Resolution No 175 of the Cabinet of Ministers of The Republic of Azerbaijan dated August 21, 1998, all types of telecommunications equipment and devices (both as a […]

February 22, 2021
MEXICO: IFT Published Modifications for 2021 Frequency Plan

On February 4th, IFT did publish on the “Diario Oficial de la Federación” or the Official Gazette, the Program of Use and Exploitation of Frequency Bands for the year 2021. According to the Mexican Federal […]

February 17, 2021
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