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Staying up-to-date with compliance has never been easier with our worldwide regulatory updates. Track by countries, months, quarters, and wireless or ITE impact.

CHINA: CNCA Publishes Newsletter Reforming CCC Mark

On March 14, 2018, the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) published a newsletter regarding the reformation of the CCC Mark. The main point of the document is to indicate […]

March 30, 2018
BRAZIL: ANATEL Postpones Implementation of EMC Testing Requirements for Category II Devices

On March 27, 2018, ANATEL of Brazil published an official communication, ACT 2311, to all OCDs and Laboratories in Brazil announcing a 3 month extension for Act No.14448, which introduced two new lab testing requirements […]

March 30, 2018
SOUTH KOREA: RRA Announces Public Hearing for 5G Technical Standard Draft

The Radio Research Agency (RRA) of Korea announced recently plans to have a public hearing regarding the Technical Standards draft for 5G in 28GHz band. This draft highlights that Korea will be allocating 3.5GHz with […]

March 30, 2018
UNITED STATES: FCC Publishes Bulletin for ISM Equipment

During February of 2018, the FCC published a bulletin informing that the Commission has historically treated RF devices that transmit radio signals for purposes such as measuring the level of a fluid in a container […]

March 26, 2018
UNITED STATES: FCC Amends Hearing Aid Compatibility Rules

On February 28, 2018, the FCC published a document with a focus on improving access to the emerging communications technologies. This will impact people with hearing loss with its Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) rules. Examples […]

March 20, 2018
United Arab Emirates: ESMA Releases Usage Policy for ECAS Mark of Conformity

On February 14, 2018, the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) of UAE released a usage policy regarding the ECAS Mark for conformity (Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme). This uses an approved standard by ESMA […]

March 14, 2018
CANADA: Radio Standard Specifications for Equipment Operating in 758-768 and 788-798 MHz Bands

On February 15, 2018, RABC of Canada started receiving comments in order to modify the use of broadband frequencies (758-768 MHz and 788-798 MHz) including specifications for radio equipment working within those frequencies. The consultation […]

March 8, 2018
USA: FCC Publishes Guidance for Certification of GMRS and FRS Transmitting Equipment

On February 5, 2018 the FCC published a guidance for certification of GMRS and FRS transmitting equipment. This document addresses Part 95 of “General Rules for the Personal Radio Services”, Subpart E–Technical Regulations, and covers […]

March 5, 2018
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