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MEXICO: IFT Modifies Frequency Bands and Adds New Coverage Range in Annual Program
February 21, 2017

The Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) modified the annual program for the use and harnessing of frequency bands in the 2017 Program, which includes modifications to the National Table of Frequency Allocation Table, frequency modifications […]

COLOMBIA: CNABF’s Updated Technical Draft Delivers E-Band Changes
February 21, 2017

On February 16, 2017, The National Spectrum Agency (ANE) released a technical draft of the CNABF with changes to the E band (71 – 76 GHz and 81 – 86 GHz). Changes to the document […]

BAHRAIN: National Frequencies Plan Approved
February 21, 2017

Bahrain’s Spectrum Strategy Coordination Committee released an updated version of the national frequencies plan. The new plan was designed to focus on meeting international requirements, optimal use of the spectrum, national security and future developments, […]

LAOS: New License Regulation for ICT Equipment – No. 3201/MP
February 21, 2017

In order to import ICT equipment, importers must request a license from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications in Laos. This new regulation known as the Decision on the Import and Distribution of ICT Equipment […]

ARGENTINA: ENACOM Publishes Two Resolutions to Allocate New Bands for Mobile Telephony
February 20, 2017

On February 17, 2017, the National Communications Entity (ENACOM) of Argentina announced the publications of resolution 1033 and 1034 in order to allocate 905 – 915 MHz, 950 – 960 MHz and 2500 – 2690 […]

MEXICO: IFT Publishes Preliminary Draft for 57-64 GHz Band
February 13, 2017

The Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) in Mexico has made consultation processes for drafts available to the general public in an exercise of transparency and openness. In this regard, IFT published a preliminary draft involving […]

CANADA: ISED Includes New Technical Requirements for Handset Telephones in Part V of Document
February 10, 2017

The Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) has released Part V of the following document: Compliance Specification CS‑03, Part V, issue 9, amendment 2, Requirements and Test Methods for Magnetic Output From Handset Telephones […]

MEXICO: Standard NOM-208-SCFI-2016 Approved to Regulate Spectrum Usage and ISM Bands
February 7, 2017

On November 28, 2016, the Ministry of the Economy established the ideal instrument for the protection of consumer’s health and safety interests. The Mexican Official Standard is as follows: “NOM-208SCFI2016, Products Radio systems used. The […]