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Indonesia Regulation Changes: A Summary

Indonesia introduced some changes to their Telecommunication Laws, some of them were promulgated in june 27 of 2014; others, have been progressively implemented. Here, you will find the more relevant changes that may affect your line […]


South Korea has released the final version of the regulation changes that is already in effect. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive table where you can easily identify and compare the modifications in this regulation vs […]

Japan’s Wireless Carriers Told To Unlock Phones Starting Next Year

(Reuters) – Japan’s wireless network providers are to lift restrictions on which network their subscribers can use, the government said, demanding that all smartphones and tablets to be sold with their SIM cards unlocked upon […]

TURKEY: 4G to be introduced in Turkey in 2015
November 10, 2014

Fourth generation telecommunications services (4G) will be introduced in Turkey in early 2015, stated Süreyya Ciliv, CEO of the country’s leading GSM operator Turkcell, saying that increasing mobile Internet traffic in recent years in Turkey […]

INDIA: BIS – 2nd List For The Additional Products For Approval Under Compulsory Registration Scheme.
November 7, 2014

BIS has notified the 2nd list for the additional products for approval under Compulsory Registration Scheme. Please find attached the list.

ECUADOR: Report on first debate of the Telecommunications Act was approved
November 4, 2014

With 10 votes in favor and two against, the Committee on Autonomous Decentralized governments yesterday approved the report for the first debate on the new Telecommunications Act. The topics include: The new royalties that telecommunication […]