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MADAGASCAR: implements telecoms law after nine-year wait

Madagascar is finally to see the implementation of Law No. 2005-023 of October 2005. Head of the Ministry of Posts, Telecoms and New Technologies (MPTNT), Neypatraiky Rakotomamonjy, has explained the new enforcement will introduce three […]

COLOMBIA: Technical rules and requirements for terminal devices homologation – Request for comments

In accordance to the article 9 of decree 2696 of 2004, the CRC publishes the request for comments for the regulatory proposal, that modifies the applicable technical rules under which the terminal devices (Fixed and […]

Inmetro – Public Consult Portaria 312 – to modify Portaria 170/2012
October 20, 2014

Portaria No. 312 July 1st, 2014 -Public Consult- Objective: Requirements Adequacy for  informatics devices conformity evaluation – stablished by the Portaria No. 170 of April 10th, 2012. From July 1st it will be available on […]

SWITZERLAND: Draft of Decree of the Federal Office for Communications on Telecommunications Installations (OOIT)

Partial revision of the Decree of the Federal Office for Communications on telecommunications installations (OOIT). Two new interface regulations have been created for avalanche detection and landslide monitoring at 10 GHz. Some clarification regarding power […]

RUSSIA: SRFC Authorises Use of ‘450MHz’ Band

At a meeting held on 13 October, the State Radio Frequency Commission (SRFC) authorised the use of frequencies in the 403MHz-410MHz, 417MHz-422MHz, 433MHz-450MHz and 469MHz-470MHz bands for the development of fixed, cellular and land mobile […]

JORDAN: Draft instructions of Electronic Authentication

TRC is in process of developing the legislative and regulatory frameworks that are necessary and appropriate for the licensing, accreditation process and follow-up the deeds of the authentication and electronic signature services providers in Jordan, […]

VENEZUELA: Four Companies Prequalified For 4G Spectrum Awards; Licensing Within Two Weeks
October 3, 2014

Venezuela’s Telecom Regulator, CONATEL, has announced in a statement on its website that four companies have been pre-qualified to receive 4G mobile licences in the 1700MHz/2100MHz (AWS) and/or 2500MHz-2690MHz frequency bands, namely Movilnet (the mobile […]

BRAZIL: Anatel Approves Usage Conditions of Radiofrequency Bands of 70-80 GHz
October 3, 2014

Anatel approved on October 2nd,  the rules to establish the usage conditions of the radiofrequency bands of 71GHz – 76 GHZ and 81 GHz – 86 GHz, by fixed radiocommunications digital systems  as per the […]